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Kikada Dental Group – Empowering local dentistry, together

Kikada Dental Group is a new breed of DSO focused on providing the support our partner practices need to deliver an exceptional patient experience so that we can fulfil our purpose: enabling independent dental clinics to flourish without compromising the brand identity and community ties that are the heart and soul of the practice.

This is our ultimate motivation. This is why we exist

We’re in the midst of an exciting journey to go beyond the existing DSO/practice relationship and drive a new era in dental support: an era where the DNA of each specific practice is celebrated. Where community legacy and relationships are valued. And where practitioners enjoy quality facilities and support to deliver excellence in patient care without losing their identity to fit a generic mould.

Whether it’s helping practitioners focus on patients instead of paperwork or providing industry professionals with the opportunities to flourish, our work is far from done.

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