Our Commitment to Excellence in Dental Care

At Kikada Dental Group, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional dental services through continuous improvement and innovation. Our Dental Advisory Committee is at the heart of our commitment, ensuring that every aspect of patient care meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

About the Committee

The Dental Advisory Committee is composed of distinguished dental clinicians, bringing together years of expertise and a shared passion for advancing dental practices and patient care.

Our Role

The primary role of the Dental Advisory Committee is to provide strategic guidance and expert advice on the latest developments in dental technology, treatment methodologies, and patient management practices. Key responsibilities include:

  • Guidance on Best Practices: Establishing guidelines for clinical excellence and patient safety.
  • Innovation and Research: Evaluating new technologies and treatments that can enhance patient outcomes.
  • Education and Training: Overseeing continued education programs for dental professionals within our network.
  • Policy Development: Formulating policies that comply with industry standards and enhance service delivery.

Meet Our Committee Members

Our committee members are renowned for their expertise and dedication to dental excellence.

  • Dr James Wealleans – Endodontist (Central Coast and Northern Beaches Endodontics & CCE, NSW)
  • Dr Jennifer Li – Orthodontist (Bankstown Smile Design, NSW)
  • Dr Akash Rana – General Practitioner (Jetty Road Dental Clinic, SA)
  • Dr Natalie Frendo-Cumbo – General Practitioner (Coffs Coastal Dental & Facial, NSW)
  • Alana Gacayan – OHT (Divine Digital Dentistry, QLD)
  • Dr Morris Sarabi – Head of Clinical Services
  • Ms Ingrid Williams – Interim Chairperson
  • Mr Jason Gowie – Chief Executive Officer
  • Ms Kerrie Metcalfe – National Operations Manager