Kikada Dental Group Implant Course: Our 2nd Module

By Dr Morris Sarabi (DDS, MBA)

This past weekend, our team at Kikada Dental Group hosted the second module of our Dental Implant Course, marking the occasion with our inaugural face-to-face session.

Attendance and Engagement

Dentists from all over Australia gathered, drawn by the opportunity to enhance their skills in dental implants, particularly under the expert guidance of Professor Axel Spahr.

Course Content Breakdown

During this module, our focus spanned:

  • Basic Dental Surgery: Re-establishing a strong foundational understanding before advancing to specialised areas.
  • Practical Skills: Participants were hands-on with dental suturing, advanced stitching techniques, and more.
  • Preservation Techniques: Critical insights into preserving bone and gum health after tooth extractions and effective flap-raising techniques were shared.
  • Bridge Preservation: A deep dive into the longevity and care of dental bridges.
  • Mentoring Session: Our senior dentists benefited from dedicated mentorship, underscoring the value of continuous learning at every career stage.

Reflections on the Session

Professor Axel Spahr, our lecturer for the day, made a mark with his straightforward approach and clarity in instruction. His patience ensured everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge, felt included and enlightened. The combination of lectures with immediate practical application was invaluable for cementing new skills.

Looking Ahead

Our eyes are now set on the next module, scheduled for 7th October. The plan remains to blend theory with hands-on practice, providing all participants with comprehensive learning experiences.

Closing Thoughts

To stay at the forefront of dentistry, it’s vital we keep updating our skills and knowledge. The Kikada Dental Group Implant Course embodies this ethos, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of dental implant practices. A big thank you to everyone involved – participants, our adept lecturer, and the entire support team.

For those interested in joining us for future sessions or wishing to learn more about what Kikada Dental Group offers, please reach out.