Earn up to $5k with our dental industry referral program.

Seeking Exceptional Talent
At Kikada Dental Group, we believe in the power of our network to find the finest professionals in the dental industry. Help us discover individuals who not only possess exceptional skills but also share our dedication to excellence.

Your Referral, Our Growth
By recommending a colleague, you contribute to our team’s growth and earn rewards for every successful referral. It’s an opportunity to enrich our community with talent that aligns with our core values.

Why It Matters
Your recommendations are crucial. They help us connect with potential team members who can significantly contribute to our goals, enhancing the quality of our services and the strength of our professional family.

Rewards for Referrals

Your recommendation could lead us to a more vibrant Kikada Dental Group, and we express our gratitude with the generous rewards below.

Role  Referral amount* 
Dentist  $5,000 
OHT/Hygienist/Practice Manager  $2,500 
DA/Receptionist/Other team members  $1,000 

When you recommend a team member to Kikada Dental Group and they are successful, you will be rewarded as outlined above.

*These amounts are subject to change at any time.  

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Referral Process

Please write an email introduction to your contact at Kikada Dental Group, which provides the following information:  

  1. Your name. 
  2. Your contact details. 
  3. Name of person you are referring.  
  4. Current role of the person you are referring. 
  5. Contact details of the person you are referring. 
  6. The capacity in which you know the person (e.g. have you worked together before, for how long and in what capacity).  

Terms and Conditions 

  1. The bonus will be paid after the new person has successfully completed their 6-month probation period.
  2. Bonus to be prorated accordingly if the new person works part time. Full time is defined as full working days
    for 4 days per week for Dentists.
  3. In the event we receive the same referral from more than one referrer, the first recommendation received
    based on date and time will be the eligible referrer.
  4. The referrer is eligible for the bonus if the referred person joins Kikada within 6 months of being referred.
  5. Not applicable to recruitment of casual roles.
  6. Payment will be made via EFT payment.
  7. Any tax implications that arise are the responsibility of the referrer.

We look forward to receiving your referrals and rewarding you!  

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